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Are you one of the many online drivers thats tired of being destroyed at the track simply because you don't have a setup that can compete with others?

Are you one of the many online drivers that has the driving ability to win but nothing under you to get you to the finish line first?

If you answered yes to either question, then your at the right place! At Online Racing Setups, we believe that everybody should have an equal opportunity to run fast! This site has been built with you in mind, and helping you gain the advantage over most, while giving you a car good enough to compete with anybody!

Online Racing Setups is the ultimate source for online racing! We offer more information than anyone! 

A testimonial we had to place on the home page from one of our members:

This site is the best!!!!! I would beg other people online for their setups. They would NEVER give me their TRUE setup.This site has helped me enjoy racing online again! Now people beg me for my setups! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!


This site will provide you all of the following:

Troubleshooting Guide
Linearity & Responsiveness Settings


Game Settings

Driving Basics

Adjusting your Car, including a detailed description of each tuning option:




Weight Distribution


Qualifying Adjustments

Because it's much easier to run up front when you start up front, we also offer qualifying adjustments.

A Car Built For You

While we offer racing tips and give recommendations based on the car and track, we realize that not all drivers are built alike. Driving styles differ from driver to driver and cars handle differently based on the inputs of the driver. For that reason we have included many pages of information to help you make each of our cars your own based on your driving style. 

Attention League Drivers!

Our setups are great for the league driver! If you want a car thats fast and offers longevity, your at the right place! We get many emails each week from our league drivers letting us know how they won their points races.


As a member, you also have our online support. We respond to each and every email we receive within a 24-48 hour period (in most cases we respond the same day). If your having any trouble at all, or just have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do everything we can to help you in every way possible.

And we can't forget to mention what else you get:


Setups are available for the 2010 Cup season and the 2011 Cup season (once the DLC content is available) for Nascar 2011. We also have setups for the Cup, Nationwide, and Trucks for the 08 & 09 console games. 


Our No Damage setups are available for the 09 game and can also be used as a great base for qualifying cars for league drivers. No Damage setups have just started posting!! More will be added as they are built. Feel free to request a No Damage build.

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